Selected Publications

One of the foremost contributors to the understanding and legacy of Thomas Satterwhite Noble is Dr. James Birchfield, of the University of Kentucky Libraries (retired 2013). In 1987, Dr. Birchfield curated the largest exhibition of Noble's works in the 20th century at the University of Kentucky. The three following publications of Dr. Birchfield are excellent resources for a better understanding of the artist and his art:

Thomas Satterwhite Noble, 1835-1907.  James D. Birchfield. 1989. University of Kentucky Press.  Available on Amazon.

Thomas S. Noble: "Made for a Painter" [Part I] James D. Birchfield. The Kentucky Review. Winter 1986. Vol. 6. No. 1.

Thomas S. Noble: "Made for a Painter" [Part II] James D. Birchfield. The Kentucky Review. Summer 1986. Vol. 6. No. 2.

The following publications are also excellent resources:

Thomas Satterwhite Noble's Mulattos: From Barefoot Madonna to Maggie the Ripper. Jo-Ann Morgan.Journal of American Studies, Vol. 41. No. 1 (April 2007), pp. 83-114.

Thomas Satterwhite Noble (1835- 1907): Reconstructed Rebel. Tuliza Kamirah Fleming, Doctor of Philosophy, 2007. Thesis:

"The Modern Medea and Race Matters: Thomas Satterwhite Noble's Margaret Garner". Leslie Furth. American Art 12, no. 2 (1998). - for purchase or free with academic membership login.

Museum Holdings:

Following are lists of major museum holdings of Noble's works.

  • Morris Museum. Morristown, New Jersey:  Price of Blood (1867)
  • New York Historical Society. New York, New York:  John Brown (1867) and Witch Hill (1869)
  • The Johnson Collection. Spartenburg, South Carolina:  Forgiven (about 1875)
  • Yale University Art Museum. New Haven, Connecticut:  Blind Man of Paris (1895), Still Life (1875), Study of a Black Man      from Behind (1870s)
  • Greenville County Museum of Art. Greenville, South Carolina:  The Sybil (1896), Cleaning Antiques (1880s), Fugitives in Flight (1869)
  • Cincinnati Art Museum. Cincinnati, Ohio:  Back to school (1859) Landscape (1890), Study Head of a Man (1865)